Ghosts of War

Movies, Mike Suby, 46-piece orchestra

CMG Music Recording successfully pulled another major movie recording session back from Macedonia! This session was already scheduled to record in Macedonia when the composer, Mike Suby, heard about CMG. Initially, because Mike Suby did not think that CMG would be able to match Macedonia’s rates, he did not think that we would be able to meet their budget. However, when CMG discovered that Macedonia recommended 22 hours of session time, CMG collaborated with the orchestrator, Charles Fernandez, to figure out a way to cut that time down to 10 hours. CMG provided a 46-piece orchestra that recorded 44 cues in nine hours and 15 minutes. We finished 45 minutes early, so Mike Suby recorded 5 more improvised cues in the remaining time. No need to negotiate a new contract! It’s that easy! Ghosts of War will premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to work with CMG Music Recording to record the score of my film Ghosts of War. There are fewer elements more paramount to a horror thriller than its score. One always has high expectations and hopes for the musicians that will ultimately become the very mortar within the bricks of one’s haunted house. Your musicians knocked it out of the park. They sounded amazing and instantly made adjustments to every note that might have been thrown at them once we compared the score to picture inside the mixing room. I don’t know how they keep track of the many last-minute changes we would throw at them. It was also impressive how they could musically interpret a story note such as, “there’s a ghost entering the room, but he’s really small in frame and a bit out of focus.” On the very next take, I swear I could hear a small ghost enter the room because they were so great at translating an abstract thought into a musical inflection. And we even managed to finish ahead of time both days! Thank you so much for your wonderful sessions, Karen. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to bring all future work to your door!

Eric Bress

Writer, Director

Thank you so much for booking such a terrific orchestra for our “Ghosts of War” sessions!  The playing was excellent and very efficient – which we definitely needed to be able to get through so much material in the time we had.  The mixes turned out extremely well and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Your organization was extremely valuable and made my life much easier.  I look forward to our next opportunity to work together!


Michael Farrow

Lead Sound Engineer

Composer: Mike Suby

Writer and Director: Eric Bress

Orchestrator and Conductor: Charles Fernandez

Sound Engineer: Michael Farrow

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Concertmaster: Jennifer Walton

Studio: EastWest Studios