Among the Stars, I am AI (AIVA)

Commercial, Live Event, AIVA, Nvidia, 15-piece orchestra played live to pre-recorded tracks with 78-piece orchestra

During a conference in December 2017 for neural networks, Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang brought 15 musicians from Hollywood’s CMG Music Recording on stage to perform “Among the Stars”, an original “Star Wars” inspired piece of music composed by Luxembourg-based startup Aiva, which uses a collection of graphics processing units, including Nvidia’s Titan V.  The 15-piece orchestra also played along to pre-recorded tracks from the recording session on December 6, 2017 at Fox Studios.  They also performed “I am ai”, pre-recorded in France.


NVIDIA CEO Brings Orchestra, AI-Generated Star Wars-Inspired Music — and First TITAN V GPUs — to Top AI Brainiacs

A Surprise Star Wars Serenade

“The debut of TITAN V was followed another unveiling — the premier of an original, Star Wars inspired piece of music performed live by 15 musicians from the CMG Music Recording Orchestra of Hollywood for the hundreds of researchers gathered for the event.”

“Pierre Barreau, whose Luxembourg-based startup, AIVA, created the AI that composed the evening’s music, leads a team that uses a collection of GPUs — including an NVIDIA TITAN Xp — to do its work.”

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Composer: AIVA

Live Sound Engineer: Peter Wilson

Conductor: John Beal

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Concertmaster: Jennifer Walton

Studio: NIPS 2017 Conference at Long Beach Hilton Hotel