Alan Parsons Masterclass for Orchestral Maneuvers

Album, Alan Parsons, 45-piece orchestra

CMG Music Recording provided a 45-piece orchestra to record an arrangement of Dukas’ Sorceror’s Apprentice for a masterclass on orchestral recording with legendary producer Alan Parsons and Grammy-award winning arranger and composer, Tom Brooks. The piece, given a complete tonal makeover and set to a progressive rock style, will be featured on Alan Parson’s next album “Orchestral Maneuvers”, a landmark event that will mark the birth of the first Alan Parsons album project since 2004.

Arranger: Tom Brooks

Producer:  Alan Parsons

Sound Engineers: Noah Bruskin, Ryland Talamo, David Bartle, and Josh Brooks

Conductor: Tom Brooks

Contractor: Karen Garrity

Concertmaster: Jennifer Walton

Studio: Hybrid Studios, Orange County