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AB-5:  What Does Compliance Look Like?

AB-5: What Does Compliance Look Like?

What does compliance with AB-5 look like for the small business or employer?

Great question! I have been working on this question for several months and still have NO definitive answers because the traditional companies I contacted have absolutely no idea how to work with a music contractor who typically hires several hundred music professionals per year.  Based on their current pricing structure, it is extremely cost-prohibitive.  Therefore, we will need to think outside the box.

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Update on Gig Economy Law AB-5

Update on Gig Economy Law AB-5

Here is a recent article from the LA Times titled Freelancers fear California’s new gig workers law will wipe them out.  This latest article about the gig economy law titled AB-5 may change your ability to be classified as sub-contracted labor.

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