Code of Ethics

CMG Music Recording (CMG) strives to recognize, legitimize, and encourage recording projects here in the greater Los Angeles area.

Colleagues of CMG will support the collaborative efforts of the entire group. They are encouraged to inquire about new recording projects and bring new work to the group. CMG Colleagues will strive to maintain all working relationships with existing and future clients.

Colleagues of CMG will arrive 30 minutes prior to every session, keep talking to a minimum, will be silent at the ends of cue music, and will bring the highest level of professionalism to every recording session. CMG Colleagues will dress in casual business attire to all recording sessions. Our goal is to make the most of all budget proposals and to keep our clients returning for future work. When sessions run smoothly, the clients will remain loyal to CMG.

Playing with CMG Music Recording is a privilege not a right. Musicians may be removed from a session for any violation of the Code of Ethics.

To maintain the privacy of all sessions,  Colleagues will refrain from taking photos or video of the inside or outside of any workplace and will refrain from forwarding email intended only for the recipient, unless consent has been obtained.

Colleagues are aware that their relationship with CMG may be suspended or revoked for violations of this Code of Ethics.


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