It has been a historic week of recording sessions for CMG Music Recording! First, we provided a 64-piece orchestra for another amazing recording session for repeat client Pierre Barreau, CEO and co-founder of AIVA, more about that later…

Yesterday, we had a recording session for a commercial with Gospel/Rap singers! That’s a first for CMG! It was an amazing session at Tangent Recording in Los Angeles. Some other firsts for CMG, this session was negotiated, booked and recorded in less than 36 hours, at the same time that the other large session was being organized and finalized. The clients were based in Singapore! We connected with them via Source-Connect and Skype.

Thank you to James Craft for bringing this work to CMG and for being the Music Supervisor for the project. Thank you to Paul Buckley and Eric Santiestevan for getting the full version of Source-Connect up and running in such a short time, and for simply being amazing to work with. Thank you to Les Brockmann for being a great sound engineer! Thank you to George Shaw for conducting! Thank you to all of the singers!

We will post the link for the commercial once it has been finalized. Let’s continue to make history! Pictures and links coming soon!

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