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$25 Database Entry Fee

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  • Please provide information about your specialties.

    You can select up to 12 specialties. Select your most important first.

  • Years of Recording Experience and Credits
  • Enter your website address
  • Enter one YouTube link
  • Enter one Audio link
  • Enter one Photo link
  • You must be referred by a colleague in good standing.
  • Please initial to indicate you have read and understand the CMG/Musician Agreement

By submitting your application you agree that:

  • You are being referred by current colleague(s) in good standing.
  • New colleague agrees to FULL NON-DISCLOSURE by refraining from taking photos or video of the inside or outside of any workplace where work has been accepted by any Contractor with CMG Music Recording (CMG) and by refraining from forwarding email directly intended for your receipt unless written consent has been obtained from everyone involved in the project.
  • Applications are approved or denied by a majority vote of the CMG Committee.
  • Colleague status may be suspended or revoked upon violation of the Code of Ethics.
  • CMG offers a rotational hiring system to get as many musicians working as possible. However, simply being accepted as a Colleague is not a guarantee of work.

You will receive a confirmation email immediately.

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