In the wake of AB-5 and COVID-19, we have been reevaluating the sustainability of CMG Music Recording in the future market. Additionally, we have been experiencing some issues for which we cannot reach a resolution in order to continue to move forward. Therefore, we have decided to dissolve the company and will no longer be accepting new projects as CMG Music Recording. Please read our full message in Noteworthy News.

For help with any of your future projects, please click to contact Karen Garrity or Jennifer Walton.


We want to help you get the best result for your project. CMG Music Recording uses an innovative  proprietary contract offering negotiable rates and Prepayment of Rights, eliminating back-end payments.  CMG is ready today to book your next session or live event.  No job is too big or small!

The BEST MUSICIANS for recording and live events

CMG uses a proprietary 3-page customized contract for every project. Our Prepayment of Rights gives composers full ownership of their music while compensating musicians for future use.  Our private, invitation-only database includes the best instrumentalists and vocalists in town.  CMG is ready to meet your musical needs today.   

CMG books private and shared sessions, as well as live events at all of the amazing recording studios, sound stages and venues in the LA area. Clients are welcome to take photos and video for their marketing and promotional use.

Our SUCCESS stories

Our success is best demonstrated in the words of our clients and musicians. Their satisfaction is our success.

Well what can I say? Thank you so much for all your very hard work making it a truly memorable and astonishingly successful session. The players were amazing, really world class and I would have no hesitation giving them a project of any size or complexity.

Guy Michelmore


Words cannot explain how pleased I am with the experience I’ve had working with Karen and CMG.  So smooth, so proficient.  The level of talent and professionalism of everyone involved is at the highest standard one can hope for from an orchestra.  It’s great to finally have a reliable group of world class musicians right here in Los Angeles for my projects.  I’m looking forward to my next CMG sessions!

Mike Zarin


I have had the pleasure of working with CMG on a number of different record projects. They maintain a high standard of musicianship and professionalism in the studio and their musical contribution to each project has been invaluable. As a young producer and composer, I do not take it for granted that their initiative has created an incredible opportunity for me to benefit from the wealth of talent and musicianship that remains in Los Angeles.

JR Bishop


Nothing can describe how deeply special our day was recording the original score for DEBRIS, a short film that I wrote and directed as a Fellow with Film Independent Project Involve. On behalf of all the filmmakers with DEBRIS we could not be more happy with the musical artists who gathered around to create a deeply affecting score for our film. Ayana Haviv brought the recording room to tears with her other-worldly voice. Karen Garrity supported her with a heartbreaking cello performance that took our breath away. Les Brockmann recorded and mixed it ensuring their artistry would sing when married to image.  And Nicolas Repetto wrote and led us through a stunning musical score that now will be etched forever into cinema. Our heartfelt thanks. Welcome to the DEBRIS family. Our little film with a big heart.

Mary-Lyn Chambers


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